Procurement Costs

What is the Cost? 

Intelligent brokering works by you setting a budget for your required purchase and informing us of your requirements, once the specification has been agreed, Intelligent Brokering will source your requirements from its extensive database of suppliers at the best possible price.

Intelligent Brokering takes percentage of the saving and this is calculated by firstly agreeing the budget for the purchase and then once the lowest price has been located for the item, the purchase price is then agreed.

Additional to this we offer advice on leading edge procurement techniques depending on your businesses requirements and this can range from one days consultancy to a lengthy project with key deliverables and milestones that can be discussed between the businesses. This cost cannot be determined as some projects maybe on a fixed price or on an agreed daily/half daily rate, this can be discussed further on analysing your companies requirements.

After we have agreed the product and the price, Intelligent Brokering will then ask you to transfer the agreed purchase price + the agreed percentage of the saving into an escrow account. This price will be formally agreed and a bill of sale will be presented to you at the purchase interval. The goods will then be delivered straight from the Supplier to the end user.

All warranties and guarantees will reside with the customer and not with Intelligent Brokering, we just act as the Broker to achieve the best possible price for you.

If Intelligent Brokering does not make you a saving we will not charge you for sourcing your requirements!

So therefore, no savings, no fee, no hassle, at no cost to your business.

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