Additional Services

Drafting of Contractual documentation

We can assist and negotiate the contractual terms with the suppliers. Contractual recommendations can be discussed to ensure the purchase documentation is the best possible fit for you business.

Additional services and tools

Intelligent Brokering use an on-demand eRFX tool where appropriate. This uses a collaborative approach to simplify and automate the process of creating an RFP by multiple team members, publishing an RFP to suppliers, collecting, evaluating and scoring supplier responses and making supplier selection decisions.

eRFX manages and tracks communication with suppliers making the entire bid process seamless from the earliest stages until all bids have been evaluated. Once the bid process is complete, eRFX keeps a central repository of all bid documents for future reference so documents only need to be created once.

Does your organisation suffer from any of these challenges? 

• Swamped by Labour-intensive, paper-based procurement processes. 

• Lack of version control maintaining paper trail with suppliers.

• Difficult to compare supplier responses submitted in different formats. 

• Rising Costs associated with preparing and managing paper documents.

• Simplifies the process of creating bid documents by multiple team members 

• Publishes RFX to suppliers and allows management review edit and approvals including online Q&A using forums.

• Collects supplier responses in standardized formats.

• Scores supplier responses and allows for distributed team evaluation (multiple independent evaluations of RFPs).

• Provide executive reports with overall supplier ranking and price proposals.


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